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LinguaKidz language programs engage young minds in fun-filled linguistic and cultural activities through an immersive and interactive approach.

Our school holiday camps, online classes and school events help children to acquire language, explore culture and create memorable learning experiences as they 'Discover a World of Fun with Languages'!

Who doesn’t love Cherry Blossoms? 

There is something about the colour, calm and cuture of the Cherry Blossom, that makes us smile and appreciate natural beauty around us!   In Japan, the Hanami (viewing flowers) dates back more than 1000 years. The Japanese aristrocrats enjoyed soaking in the beauty of the blooming Cherry Blossoms so much that wrote poems inspired by […]

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I like to move it, move it! 

What does Madgascar and LinguaKidz have in common? Read on to find out!  LinguaKidz and Madagascar   Not only did Alex, Gloria, Melman and Marty feature in the film Madagascar, but they brought the beautiful island nation to the attention of the world!  What does this have to do with LinguaKidz you ask?  Well, as we […]

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LinguaKidz now have a Choice of Five Languages for Kids!

Yes, that’s right five, cinco, cinque, cinq, 五! With camps offered in Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese, kids can journey around the world without leaving town!  So, let’s look at some fun facts about our 5 languages on offer and see how many are new to you! Japanese Japanese is the ninth most spoken language […]

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Why are Portuguese and Spanish Romance Sister Languages?

Bargain shopping at the ‘Languages Mall’ – how to buy one, get one half price! Do you enjoy shopping?  Even better, do like getting a special deal, like buy one, get the next half price?  What if you could do the same thing with languages and learn a second language in only half the time?! […]

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Why activating the senses is important to getting a new language to stick.

Have you ever wondered why you know the words to a song you haven’t heard in years? Or why a smell takes you back to a memory? That is because things that connect with us through our senses create new mental pathways that boost memory recall! Anthony Metivier from Magnetic Memory Method puts it well: […]

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