School Events

LinguaKidz school events bring the joy of language learning to life!

LinguaKidz can help your school, language department and students to access and participate in incursions, excursions and customised camps and retreats to suit your individual needs. With links to the Australian curriculum across all year levels, we aim to educate and inspire your students to learn while discovering ‘A World of Fun with Languages’!

School events, excursions, incursions and more!

As language teachers ourselves, we recognise the great benefit of shared cultural experiences to bring our languages to life! We aspire to leave students with lasting, meaningful and inspiring cultural imprints to move forward as young people who are globally minded, respectful and who appreciate different perspectives.

Language Wildlife Safari Excursion Days

Lone Pine or Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

In these fun and educational excursions, student groups participate in a Safari Day with Animal Education sessions presented in the target language. Students also engage in language activities which have them hone their problem-solving skills to investigate the many animal species and navigate their group to follow clues in the target language to complete a fun scavenger hunt and solve the puzzle!

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Wildlife Incursions

These wildlife incursion programs bring the animals to your school with animal education sessions presented in the target language. Our staff can tailor the level of language used to the needs of your students. Animal-related student experiences compliment any language program bringing together key vocabulary related to physical description, habitat, behaviour and as well as many high frequency verbs.

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Brisbane City Amazing Race Excursion

Lots of fun and adventure as students explore the sights of Brisbane amazing-race style! Great for team building and language development as all clues and materials are delivered in the target language.

Custom Event Planning

LinguaKidz can custom plan your next camp, retreat, multicultural day or Harmony Day event! We can also organize and run cultural incursion sessions (arts, music, dance, food etc.) to suit your needs in any language or culture.

Check out our youtube channel to see highlights of some of our wonderful cultural event planning in action at a recent Spanish immersion retreat held at the Sunshine Coast. All activities were delivered entirely in Spanish and included: Mariachi performance, Cuban Street dancing workshop, LinguaKidz trivia night, Taco food truck and education session, Colombian arepa, empanada and hot chocolate workshop, Peruvian bracelet making, Bolivian painting workshop, Mexican craft workshop, Latin music percussion workshop, live band disco and salsa dancing… like a trip around the world without getting on a plane!

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Our unique, fun-based programs aim to foster an appreciation for world languages and cultures.