Who doesn’t love Cherry Blossoms? 

By Tina Mira | LinguaKidz

There is something about the colour, calm and cuture of the Cherry Blossom, that makes us smile and appreciate natural beauty around us!  

In Japan, the Hanami (viewing flowers) dates back more than 1000 years. The Japanese aristrocrats enjoyed soaking in the beauty of the blooming Cherry Blossoms so much that wrote poems inspired by them? 1000 years on, today people in Japan enjoy adding in ‘fun’ to their Hanami by picnicing under the trees by day and drinking sake by night. 

What’s so special about Cherry Blossom trees? 

The bloom of the Cherry Blossoms only last about 2 weeks. So, the fact that their beauty is fleeting have made them symbolic of the impermancence of beauty.  They are often seen in works of art or even tattoos to represent the idea that ‘nothing lasts forever’ or ‘mono no aware’. 

When do Cherry Blossoms bloom? 

While many would like to plan a visit to Japan to see these beauties, the Cherry Blossoms’ window of blooming is sometimes hard to predict. The bloom usually falls somewhere between April and May, depending on the town or location. What’s cool is the Japan weather forecast includes their Cherry Blossom forecast in their Spring weather report!  

Fancy a cuppa? 

As suggested by Shizuko Mishima, from Trip Savvy, while gorgeous flowers are the main attraction at the cherry blossom festivals, there are a variety of traditional Japanese performances presented during these festivals and you might want to consider joining a tea ceremony held under the cherry trees; it can be quite the memorable experience! 

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