French Language programs for kids in Brisbane and Sydney– Discovering Easter traditions in France

By Cj Gomez | LinguaKidz

When learning a language, it’s not just about the words! The rich and fascinating cultures and traditions help us to discover new and interesting perspectives on life! Our campers recently explored some beautiful Easter traditions of some of the countries of our LinguaKidz languages! How many of these French Easter traditions did you know?!

Les cloches de Pâques

In France, magical holy bells with little wings called ‘les cloches de Pâques’ deliver eggs to the children! In Catholic traditional, the magical bells are thought to have travelled to Rome on Good Friday, growing wings and ribbons to be blessed by the Pope and then return to France on Saturday night, dropping joyful gifts as they fly by. So Easter Sunday morning is the opening of ‘la chasse aux oeufs’ and someone usually excitedly announces ‘les cloches sont passées’ and this is the cue for the kids to run outside (or inside) to find chocolate or sugar eggs, chicks, bunnies, lambs, bells as these are all symbolic of Easter, spring and renewal.

Some families still do the traditional hard-boiled eggs which are then coloured and decorated by the children. Did you know to colour the eggs, onion juice makes red, radish pink and ivy green?!

Some well-prepared and excited children build nests as a landing spot for the eggs and gifts!  With the recent migration of the Easter bunny coming to France as well, some nests are filled with carrots as a treat for the visiting bunny.

Easter Egg hunts

Easter Egg hunts are common place both in homes and churches as well as other public gathering places.  The Chateaux Vaux le Vicomt, just outside of Paris, hosts the biggest Easter Egg hunt in France, where thousands of kids run around to see who can find the most eggs!

The egg roll – no, it’s not food!

The egg roll is another French Easter tradition, where kids roll raw eggs down a slope to see whose egg survives unbroken when it reaches the bottom.  As Bryan Shelman explains: The game is symbolic of the giant boulder rolled away from Jesus’s tomb during the resurrection.

At LinguaKidz school holiday camps, our cultural afternoon sessions help kids to explore cultural elements of their chosen language through arts, crafts, activities, cooking, music and more! Save the dates for our next holiday language programs for kids at our Brisbane and Sydney locations!

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