About LinguaKidz

LinguaKidz language programs engage young minds in fun-filled linguistic and cultural activities through an immersive and interactive approach.

Our school holiday camps, online classes and school events help children to acquire language, explore culture and create memorable learning experiences as they ‘Discover a World of Fun with Languages’!

Our Vision

We are passionate about inspiring children to become global citizens through sparking curiosity about and respect for the world around them.

Our Programs

Holiday Camps
3-day camps | 9am-3pm daily

Through fun activities and rich cultural contexts, day-campers will discover the joy of language learning with our communicative and immersive approach. Learn more

School Events
Incursions, Excursions + more

LinguaKidz can help your school, language department and students to access and participate in incursions, excursions and customised camps and retreats to suit your individual needs. Learn more

Online Classes
8-week term | Private or group lessons

Our classes use an immersive and interactive approach with thematic units created specifically for the online platform! Learn more

About the Founders

Our joy, passion and creativity in designing exciting language programs to make kids smile is what brought us together! For many years we worked as Spanish teachers in a primary school setting, sharing our love for both language and culture with our students.


Language and culture have been my passion since childhood, I was always interested in learning about my family’s Polish background and immersing myself in my German studies throughout my high school years.

At University, I discovered the joy of exploring new languages, French, Modern Greek and Spanish and was always drawn to the richness of their cultures and traditions. I immersed myself in the Spanish language, Latin Dance and culture, leading to an Honours Degree in Spanish and ultimately a teaching qualification in Spanish and ESL.

Along with over 15 years of language teaching experience across primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, I have also had wonderful experiences working in the aviation industry where my language skills were key to my role. From exploring the ruins of Macchu Picchu, trekking in the Amazon jungle, riding donkeys in Egypt, to dancing on the beach in Cuba, my many travel adventures have always left me in awe of the diversity of the world we live in.

I am thrilled to share my passion for language and culture through our LinguaKidz programs. A different language is a different vision of life!


Growing up in Canada in a tri-lingual household, I was immersed into the magical world of languages from the day I was born. Extremely proud of my Mexican-Ukrainian heritage, I also learned traditional dancing, and have been fortunate enough to perform Mexican Folkloric dances in Canada, the United States and Australia.

Throughout my scholastic career, I learnt four additional languages: French, Latin, Italian and American Sign Language. It was no surprise that in University I studied Spanish and Psychology alongside my Bachelor of Education.

My desire to travel fuelled my love of languages and culture, and I always learnt to speak in the native tongue wherever I went.

Working as an Educator with international experience for over 20 years, I have always noted the positive impact of how languages can bring people together. Having fun while learning another language not only connects the teacher and students, but also keeps the students engaged and wanting to learn more. LinguaKidz is a passionate expression of life through language.

Our unique, fun-based programs aim to foster an appreciation for world languages and cultures.